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Extruders Executing and Delivering in a Challenging Environment by Implementing a Reliability Centered Maintenance Program

Since our founding in Wylie, TX in 1975, we have been committed to developing long-standing relationships with our aluminum extrusion customers by becoming the supplier of choice. To maintain our role as the supplier of choice, we developed a culture of continuous improvement. We did this so we can continue to deliver outstanding customer service through consistent on-time delivery of superior quality products, with short lead-times, thus providing greater value to our customers.

One of our challenges is to continuously provide custom aluminum extrusions that meet the applicable specification, on time, and within a short lead-time. To accomplish this cost effectively, our extrusion equipment and allied processing equipment must remain up and running, and operate within the specifications. To maximize our quality and responsiveness we knew we needed an enhanced approach to our extrusion equipment maintenance.

After exploring a number of potential solutions, we zeroed in on a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Program to optimize the effectiveness of our specialized equipment. Realizing we did not have the skill set in house to develop this program, we sought out industry experts to help us develop a RCM Best Practice Program. While this is a substantial investment in both dollars and personnel time, we are seeing the benefits. Our journey which started in February 2012, is not yet complete, however we have made substantial strides improving our equipment’s reliability, efficiency, and resiliency.

Using this program we have increased our percentage of conforming material on our first press by 35%. We have increased our Uptime 9%. We have decreased unscheduled downtime by 41% and our maintenance costs have fallen 4%. After we complete the RCM Optimization Process on our first press then we will continue the effort on our other presses. All of these improvements allow us to continue to promise and delivery quality extrusions with some of the shortest lead-times in the industry.

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Background Extruders Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

RCM creates an advanced maintenance strategy for increasing asset availability by minimizing downtime caused by failures and increasing overall equipment effectiveness. RCM also identifies the maintenance required to defend against important failures with significant impact on asset performance. Our RCM program is a multi-step effort:

Step 1 Develop an RCM Strategy

A key element was to identify the right level of maintenance intensity for each piece of equipment.
This was achieved by collecting and rigorously analyzing a broad spectrum of data that included:

  • Calculating the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for each system.
  • Grading each system on the impact of a failure.
  • Calculating each system’s opportunities for improved maintenance focus. (Maintenance focus is a function of both the equipment impact and the failure frequency.)
  • Determining the current level of maintenance on each system.

Step 2 Implement Precision Maintenance for those systems that have the highest impact/opportunity score.

For these systems, it was critical to get to the root cause of problems. We used the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Fishbone Diagrams, and Why Trees to standardize our investigation.

Step 3 Establish Predictive Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance programs

Essentially, our task was to establish the detailed maintenance tasks, technologies, and manpower for each system requiring maintenance and to determine the level of Predictive Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance required.

Step 4 Implement a disciplined Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Process.

Key elements were planning and estimating each action, scheduling and execution of the action, and follow up and close out of the action.

Steps 5 Objectively measure the program’s results.

We settled on the following metrics:

  • Percentage of conforming material produced by the equipment.
  • Uptime of the equipment
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled downtime of the equipment.
  • Total Maintenance costs for the equipment.

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About Extruders

For more than 35 years Extruders has dedicated itself to building a solid single-source aluminum extrusion company with a national presence, and with an uncontested reputation for quality, delivery, and service. Founded in 1975, Extruders began producing aluminum extrusions on a single press, today our capacity exceeds 75 million pounds annually and we are investing over $2 mil a year in capital equipment to continuously improve quality, safety, and capacity. We currently employ approximately 350 people at our 218,881 square foot facility in Wylie, TX. We serve a variety of industries located in the Midwest and throughout the United States and Mexico. We provide value added aluminum extrusion products and solutions to industry leading companies.

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